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Premium Alkaline Water Filter System


Optimized filter secured in place

Trapped air bubbles in filter - Floats


Q: I bought a few types of similar water filters and I always experienced leaks. My son says yours is different?
A: Aquaspree Water System comes with Pre-Installed High Quality spigot components. Factory installed, fitted and tightened. Most others brands skipped this installation and burden the consumers to do the install themselves. This usually leads to improper install, fit and the eventual leaks. Aquaspree system is easy to install and managed. You will enjoy great tasting water again and again without the annoyance.

Q: Is it natural alkaline water or ionizer alkaline water
A: It converts regular Tap water to Alkaline water via Minerals in the Filters & Cartridge.

Q: When moving, I accidentally dropped and crack the top water tank. I would like to order just the top holding clear tank, where can I buy it and how much is it?
A: Although we only listed the most common replacement parts for the system, our customer service dept. will be able to assist you to order any parts which are not commonly listed. Please email info@Aquaspree.com and we will take great care of your needs. Thank you for your patronage.

Q: My bottom filter is floating. I soaked it for more than 1 hour and it still floats. Will it affect the system? 

A: Air are trapped inside the filter, which cause filter to float sideways. The Maifanite (bottom) filter only has slits & openings in the center on top and bottom part of the filter. Use any kitchen utensils to flip the filter UPSIDE DOWN (FLAT) under water and shake out the air bubbles from the bottom center crevices. Once all the air are released, flip the filter back to the upright position. Filter should remained submerged and not float. System will be optimized when Maifanite filter is secured in place right under the Main filter.

Q: Your product looks the same as another brand water filter from France sold in Canada? Inovital ?

A: Aquaspree Ceramic Filter and Main Filter Cartridge are all compatible to Inovital water filters. Our improved & innovative Ceramic filter is Flat (for greater surface filter area) and has a faster and more efficient flow rate than Inovital's older Dome design ceramic filter. We are proud to present this proven product, make it better and now, available for all consumers in the USA.

Q: Not sure about the difference between 7 and 9 stages? What is added? What do those 2 extra stages do?
Stage 1 – Flat Ceramic Filter pores of 0.1 to 0.3 microns effectively filters Rust, Sediments, Particles and Impurities. Inhibits Germs, Bacteria and Parasites.
Stage 2 – Ion Exhange Resin softens water, removes toxins and heavy metals.
Stage 3 – Coconut Shell Activated Carbon traps and removes organic contaminants including VOC, Pesticide, Chlorine, Herbicides and Disinfectants.
Stage 4 – Far Infrared Ceramic Ball produce mild ionization, neutralizes acidic components, increases Alkalinity for better hydration, absorption and improved Vitality.
Stage 5 – KDF Copper Zinc Alloy Coating’s Oxidation/Reduction process removes and neutralize Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide.
Stage 6 –Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon Layer inhibits bacteria, preserves purity efficiently.
Stage 7 – Ultrafiltration Membrane with 0.001 micron pore diameter, removes up to 99.8% of bacteria.
Stage 8 - Maifanite Purification Filter - thermally treated, soaked and sterilized in Silver Liquid to ensure antibacterial functions.
Stage 9 – Magnetic Device reconstructs the water molecules into smaller clusters for improved absorption, boost energy and immune level.
Note : Stage 5 and 6 are the additional filters included in the 9 Stage Aquaspree Water Filter System.

Q: This water filter is perfect for my family of 4, do you have a bigger size for a family of 6 to 8 people?
A: Aquaspree's 5 Gallon capacity is ideal for most family and individuals. We have families who purchased multiple units for their bigger family. With the growing popularity and the many benefits of drinking mineral & alkaline water,  we truly understand your needs. In the near future, we will be offering multiple units at a discounted price. Thank you for your support.

Q: Can this system handle sodium?
A: There are 3 options for effectively filtering Sodium from your drinking water.

1. Reverse Osmosis – forcing water through a semi-permeable membrane.

2. Ion Exchange Systems - swaps Sodium for other neutral molecules.

3. Distillation - heating water and collecting the condensed steam.
Average US Tap water contains 1 mg of Sodium for 1 fl oz of water.

Q: Does the unit require electricity and/or connection to water spout?
A: Aquaspree unit does not require electricity or complicated plumbing.
Top holding tank capacity is 2.1 gallons and the lower storage tank is 3.2 gallon.
It is completely portable, economical and convenient for the whole family to enjoy Premium Alkaline water anywhere.

Q: Does this unit have a method that determines when the media or filter(s) needs replacing?
A: Ceramic Filter life is 1 year or 1000 gallons.
Main 4 Stage Filter life is 6 months or 500 gallons.
Maifanite Filter life is 3 to 5 years.
The first year replacement filter would only be the 4 stage Main Filter
The second year, you will need to replace the Ceramic filter and 2 units of the 4 stage Main Filter

Q: Does it filter out fluoride
A: This unit does filter some of the Fluoride. But quite insignificant.
However, to effectively filter out Fluoride, you will need a Reverse Osmosis system.
None of the Gravity based water filters are able to effectively filter Fluoride.

Q: I know it was stated that this machine does filter fluoride. Can you give me an estimation of how much? 5%, 20% 40% etc?

A: Fluoride is a very small ion and is very difficult to remove from water.
Aquaspree’s Ion Exchange Resin in the main filter – transforms hard water contaminant cation into harmless ions in the resin.
However, fluoride removal through this exchange is insignificant.
Reverse Osmosis (RO) system is by far the most effective means to remove fluoride from water.

Q: I have used your filter for about 9 months and the water still tastes great. Do I still need to change the cartridge? I already bought extra cartridge from the beginning, if it is still good, I would like to stretch it a little longer.

A: Our recommendation is to replace cartridges and other filters at their stated life span. However, filter's replacement life can vary from one consumer to another. Time, quantity and quality of water source can contribute greatly to the life of the Filter. Compared to other brands of Cartridges / Filters, Aquaspree has a much bigger size Filter and it should perform better and longer than others. However, we would suggest for you to replace the filter soon. Thanks for your good question.

Q: To what PH level with the filter change the water?
A: Aquaspree’s filter system will mineralize and alkalize the water to mild Alkalinity. Many of the municipal tap water in our counties have different pH levels and our filters usually will increase the pH level about 1 point. Some customers let the water in the lower holding tank sits a little longer for the Maifanite filter (mineral stones) to further increase the pH of the water more efficiently.
How frequently is a cleaning required?
A: Depending on the quality and quantity of the source of water, Ceramic filter is recommended to be cleaned Monthly – using soft bristle brush (toothbrush). Water tanks (top and bottom) are recommended to be washed with mild soap every 3 Months.
How easy/difficult is it to clean?
A: Most customers find it relatively easy to clean and maintain this system.
Place the system in cool area and avoid any direct sunlight.