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By Samuel Blake December 2016

This is the exact same great French drinking water filter I bought when I lived in Toronto Canada. Same specs and very high quality system. The special introductory price for this unit from Amazon can't be beat. I bought one to replace my old INOVITAL system and another for my sister. Got rid of the bad smell (Chlorine) and taste and consistently makes the filtered drinking tap water fresh and great tasting. Nice.

By Dr. Richard Lee January 2017

I am very concern about the chemicals and the metals in my tap water, this filter size is so much bigger than the other brands I have tried in the market and did a much better job of filtering the bad stuff. The filter life also lasts longer than my other model filter. I Love it. Saves me a bundle.

By Philips Rouke January 2017

Superb system all around. No leaks because dispenser is pre-installed and solidly built. It was too big for me when I was alone. It is now the perfect size after I got married. Wife loves making tea with this filtered water. Best tasting when water left overnight. Highly recommended. Thanks

By Taka Yamagata February 2017

After using this for 3 months I must say that I am very happy with the taste and speed of the filtered water. Highly recommended and best value for the price. It is kind of BIG for my small apartment counter. But, I never ran out of water and I drink a LOT!

By Thomas Meyer March 2017
We love this water purification system. We set it up on the kitchen counter and it looks great. I fill the top up with ice so the purified water is clean, cold and refreshing on a warm day.
This is my second purchase of one of these countertop purification systems. My first system was made by Brita and after finding algae in the "filtered" water multiple times, it was time for me to try a different system.
This product is simple to use, inexpensive, and provides excellent tasting water with minimal effort. There is a huge difference in taste between the tap water from my house versus the filtered water.
This purifier also works nicely for our camping trips and house rentals. When camping, I retrieve the water directly out of  Kings River and run it through the purification system and it creates some of the best tasting water I have ever had. We also take this purifier with us when we rent the vacation house on Bass Lake or Lake Tahoe.  The water that comes out of the rental homes is often metallic tasting and this purifier removes that unsettling aftertaste. It is extremely convenient purifying local water versus  purchasing and and transporting bottled water.

By Ruben Sotelo March 2017

So far, so good, well Packed!

By Amazon Customer April 2017
From Looking Good Not Work TO LOOKING NICE AND WORKS GREAT!!! πŸ™ƒπŸ˜ƒ
The vendor was/is nice. The delivery FedEx was very mean and rude and ignorant. As of today April 1, 2017 the 4th filter is "not" working. I've submitted to the vendor a voicemail requesting for another filter 4 overnight on Monday coming and if not, I will return the product. Also there was/is "not" a pH kit included to ensure and confirm the water system ihas been correctly assembled and properly working via each filter stages process. Will give you an update "next" Wednesday.
UPDATED!! πŸ˜ƒ The Seller was very very nice, concerned and MOST helpful. He shipped another stage 4 filter and it worked great! The key is a 2-phase 5 minute alternate process. 1st phase is to soak the filter in "hot" water for 5 minutes. 2nd phase is to rinse the filter under "hot" water while shaking it for 5 minutes. Refill your dish with fresh "hot" water and REPEAT 1st phase for 5 minutes. Repeat 2nd phase for 5 minutes. Refill your dish with fresh "hot" water and REPEAT 1st phase for 5 minutes. Repeat 2nd phase for 5 minutes. Now you are ready to seat the filter. Place the stage 4 filter into its proper place inside the water tank. Rotate the filter clockwise until it feels snugged and seated against the plastic water tank bottom surface. Place the upper water tank portions including filters. Then add water to the upper water reservoir. Within 24 hours you will have slightly alkaline water - great for the body and the pallets. NOTE: Each soaking water when done will appear slightly cloudy. That's a good sign the filter is being properly rinsed and soaked.

By OC Tom April 2017
A Very Nice Surprise!
A very nice surprise – Beautiful system. After doing some research online and reading reviews, we decided to give this system a try. We liked the shape and we badly need a filter system for our home. Shipping was quick, well packed and it arrived safely without any damage. Turns out this system is beautiful and not as big as I thought for a 5 gallon system. Installation was easy. Did not know where to place the plastic frame until I looked it up on their website. Soaking and cleaning the filters was a bit time consuming but fun and we actually use the clear tank to soak the filters. I personally think that the water taste fantastic and smooth. My wife thinks it taste like expensive imported bottled water. My pet rabbits starts drinking more of this filtered water every day. Maybe it’s getting warmer or maybe now they didn’t taste and smell the Chlorine from the tap. I am very happy with this system so far. It is affordable and from the looks of it, it should last a long time. I store the filtered water in the fridge using Arrow Plastic 2.5 Gallon Beverage Dispenser – nice cold water anytime and every time. Highly recommended to every pet owners.

By Ellie April 2017
Water taste better
We love the square shape and contemporary design.
It is very smart to include rubber footings on the bottom of the base plate to prevent the unit from sliding when pushing on the spout.
My skeptical husband was very impressed with the significant improvement in taste from our tap water.
Coffee, tea and Sodastream beverages now tastes fantastic.
Definitely one of my best purchase from Amazon.
Will start gifting this to our friends and relatives when Christmas comes.

By Rose April 2017
Excellent water filter, great value
This is a wonderful water filter. There is nothing to complain about.
Shipping was incredibly fast and installation was easy.
I found that installation pictures are much better from their website than their manual book.
Very happy with this purchase. Best deal and value.

By Doris April 2017
I save a ton of money alkalizing my own water!

I used to spend $6/ gallon on alkaline water at a local water dispensary. With Aquaspree, I save money a lot of money by alkalizing my own drinking water with this countertop filter system. It is easy to assemble, very sleek and very convenient. This is a very good investment if you are looking into making your filtered alkalized water for your family. And since I live in Earthquake-proned California, it is the more reason to keep a 5 gallon water ready for emergency and the fact that the 7 stage filtration system eliminates bacteria also, I recommend you to purchase one for your home as soon as you can. Thank you Aquaspree!

By Amazon Customer May 2017

We just learned that our RO filter stripped out the minerals from the water. Search through Amazon and found this top rated alkaline filter which will make my drinking water ALIVE again. Very pleased with the smooth and not bitter taste of the water. RO plus this system equals healthy water without the chlorine. Recommend this perfect combo.

By Madam Chin May 2017

Well made, well packed, well designed. Installation is not bad at all. The water tastes fantastic. I filled up the top tank twice to get a full tank of fresh water in a few. Unit also looks nice. Flawless so far. 5 star product all the way.

By DerSchuhmacher May 2017
I cannot stand the water where I am currently living and I have always drank tap water, but this water is BAD. So I started doing research and out of all the filter units out there, I zeroed in on this one. It took me 2 months, but I finally took the plunge.
I had a little trouble with the first having a bad plastic part and Aquaspree was super! They were courteous, understanding and accommodating and got the replacement part shipped out to me. I could hardly stand it, I was excited to dive into this, but it was well worth the wait!
Once that was remedied, I set the unit up and it went like clockwork. Then I realized I forgot to do the 2 full drains of the tank and had to go back in the kitchen to do that part. Somehow I did something wrong and it started leaking around the thin support piece. I had to get all the water out again, dumping it in the sink and dried the tank off and started over AGAIN. UGGHHHHH!!! LOL Again, well worth the patience and persistence.
I am not sure what was wrong, but the 3rd attempt was just like the 1st attempt-perfect!
You should have seen me when it was time to get a glass of water and test it out. After tasting the garbage coming out of my tap, I had a real phobia for a few minutes! I finally poured a drink...looked at it. I finally sniffed it. Finally, I took a drink. WOW!!! Now, I am finding myself actually going to get a glass of water instead of a 2nd glass of tea or soda. I will even have a glass of water before finally needing a cup of coffee...this is TRULY amazing!
I also made sure to soak my ice cube trays, tea pot and coffee pot with vinegar and rinse them-now only using the filtered water for consuming. Immediately, I can tell the water quality is better because the water is super clear, and none of the above items, nor glasses and measuring cups, are scaling up with lime. Normally, it happens as soon as the tap water has started drying. This is sweet! I am waiting for when they come out with the 9-stage filter and when it's time to change the media filter in 3-6 months I will start buying it. I am sure it will make the water even better!
I also have health issues, so I am waiting to see if anything gets better; I figure I will know in a month or so.
But as for the looks and size of the unit, and the taste/smell of the water, and don't forget the great customer service, I feel like being the Aquaspree Poster Child!